! ENGLISH,Please

Hafiz Kheir

I am going to speak my way out of this :

First of all ,

An apology

As you scan the page, skimming through the Latin letters,

You may assume it is English that you are reading,

It is not …

And no, you have not

Suddenly acquired the European language

You always knew in your heart you will speak

-The one with a lilt of medieval flavor ,

Soaked in blood and marred in the mystery of an ancient death

No ;

Nor this a divine realm you’re entering ,

Enchanted into, through song, or hymn or poem …

Through the power of an ancient truth that speaks in tongues ,

No ;

To the opposite, if you could see any opposites !

But i assure you :

As you read the words and letters of this “typed-on-my iPhone” text ,

You will start to erase them and then, replace them

With your voice that utters …

And as you do so

They shall not make sense to you,

But they’re all yours now

And that’s all that matters …

Language is a bounty of colonial wars,

Once the wise man said

And that’s why maybe

You hear your voice rings in an un-familiar tone;

Don’t worry

It’s your own

You have made it!



Hafiz Kheir : Was born 1968 in Khartoum Sudan and moved to the UK in 1992. He is a writer translator and a filmmaker a graduate of the Film & Television School at The London Institute (June 2000). He studied drama and theatre from 1982 to 1986 at the Youth Palace Omdurman Sudan.